Wednesday, November 17, 2004

temping, for real

tomorrow morning i will become ned, mr. s. after waiting for so long on the certification, and then applying to districts on monday only to find out that i wouldn't be able to start subbing until january or february, i was terribly distraught. on tuesday i ran across an online ad for substitute teachers, called the number, and proceeded to get hired by them today. it really is like a temp agency. most schools or districts have substitute coordinators. the place i was hired by serves as a sort of third party substitute coordinator, in which schools call them when they need subs, and their hired subs call when they want to work. you may be wondering how i'm so sure they'll need me tomorrow. well, they told me that they've had more assignments than teachers this whole school year, so that they are trying to recruit new subs all the time just to cover their "client" schools. all this is to say that i'm finally doing what i want, and i can't wait for it.

of course, i will wait, because sleep will be good tonight before heading into a classroom tomorrow for the FIRST TIME EVER. but sleep will only come after choir practice at my church.

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