Friday, November 19, 2004

temping: day two

i don't think i said exactly what i tought yesterday. four periods, and they went like this:

first period: ninth grade algebra
second period: college prep for seniors (imagine if there were a class in which you worked on scholarships and applications and other college related things...that's this class)
third period: international studies (this class was made up of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors...insane)
fourth period: same as the last one, with a different group of students

today i was at another tiny school, this time teaching p.e.

actually, i thought i was teaching p.e., and i did some, but then it changed. in the morning i taught p.e. for first graders, then kindergarteners, then 2nd/3rd/4th graders, then 5th/6th/7th/8th graders. those are all of the classes this school had, four of them, broken up as i've shown. there was no feild, no track, no gym. there was very little in terms of equipment. it was rediculous. but i'm still the best sub ever, so it worked out. then, in the afternoon, i took over in the 2nd/3rd/4th grade class. they were hellions. it was amazing. but i survived, and it was far better than making sandwiches, and i made more money, which is nice. now i have a weekend, then two more days of subbing, then thanksgiving in LA with my brother and my parents, then two more days of subbing, then a trip to chicago, then nine more days of subbing (tempered by another weekend) and then i head to roseburg for christmas. i'm quite looking forward to the next few weeks, what with all my traveling and hopefully getting into some real high school classrooms.


Krispin Mayfield said...

I'd better start planning on how to get down there during Christmas vacation, now... Can't wait though.

Well, actually right now I can't wait to get down next week (and then to the Mewithoutyou show the 29th) and then back down for Christmas.

I'm taking a bus down to Roseburg next Friday, but needed a ride back (or a significant greater amount of money)... turned out Liz the Myspace girl is coming through from Medford, and so it works out.

Nicoleslaw said...

Josh-it is way cool that you are a sub. I am thinking about maybe not becoming an actual teacher, and just being a sub? Is it fun?

josh said...


i think subbing is a lot of fun so far, and i haven't gotten to sub at schools that i would consider fun. i guess it's just so much better to be working with students instead of making sandwiches, and i enjoy getting to work with students. the nice thing is, compared to my roommate luke--who teaches high school english, i don't have any sort of prep work at home. the only problem is that i can't always be sure i'm going to work, since some days nearly all teachers show up, like today.

it's good to know you're reading my stuff, and i would like to use this space to say that i still check your blog and have been disappointed to not see anything new.