Monday, November 08, 2004

from a long time ago, but just now published

i must begin this post with a sincere apology. i said that i would be offline for a while, but now it seems that it may be longer than expected. the service i was going to go with has no more available ports, so i’m not sure how this situation will be fixed. in addition, i put my phone number up and said it would be up and ready for incoming/outgoing calls on october 20th. well, i’m writing this post on the evening of the 20th, and my phone still isn’t working. i suppose this apology is more because i’m unhappy about not being in contact with anyone, but in case anyone decided to try it, this apology is for you as well.

in addition to writing this post, i’m watching the red sox beat up on the yankees in game seven. this is one of the most enjoyable sporting events i’ve ever watched, and the only person i can share it with is you, dear reader. it was great to have luke here last night, and i can’t wait until he moves in for good, but it’s a bit lonely now that i’m by myself. i really wish that anyone from home or from wheaton could come visit me. that’s not to say that having luke, ian, james, adam, and the lovings here isn’t great…or that once i have a phone and can get in contact with ross that won’t be really fun. i just wish i were in contact with all of those friends i’ve made in the last, well, i suppose in the last seven years.

i’ve enjoyed the lap pool here at the apartment complex each of the last three days. it’s been fantastic, and i’ve really enjoyed getting back in to the pool. in addition to that, today was my third day of work at quizno’s. the first day i hated it, but since then it hasn’t been as bad. i received a raise on the second day of work, so that now i’m earning $6.00 an hour. it’s terrible pay, really, but until i’m subbing…ahem…temping, it will make me enough money to help take care of living expenses.

i don’t think i really have anything else to say right now, it’s quite too bad that i have no idea when this will be posted…it could be a long time from now, but i think i won’t add anything to it, instead i’ll make a post correcting anything that is wrong because of posting so long after writing.

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