Monday, November 15, 2004

interview with a favorite wheaton prof

this interview happened sometime last year, but my roommate luke just found it. all you have to do is click on the title of the post and you'll find's that easy. dr. jacobs, the interviewee, is an english professor at wheaton. i had him for african lit my very last quad (half a semester) of school, and wished that i could go back and be an english major just to learn from him for four years. as luke said, jacobs doesn't really say anything earth-shattering, but the eloquence with which he speaks on a great breadth of subjects is fantastic, and i think it helps me think about my personal faith, as well as our corporate faith as the body of Christ.

one note: there is no way that jacobs called stanly hauerwas stanly harakas, and i think that's pretty shoddy journalism by pbs. it's always good to see one of my favorites quote one of my favorites.

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