Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not what I expected

I was looking on Peekvid for something to do while I'm not doing anything in my hotel room, and I came across what appeared to be Michael Jordan's "ten greatest plays." It appeared to be that because it was titled as such. It turned out, instead, to be ten great plays against the Blazers. Yeah, fantastic. But it's still pretty amazing, and this goes out to my friend Ek. If the video doesn't load on the page then click on the link below or in the title.Try this if that didn't work.

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Kent said...

I'm sorry, Kobe, D-Wade, Lebron... all amazing, but there will NEVER be another Jordan. That guy could do things with the basketball that no one will ever do again. Here's to forgetting about trying to crown the "next" Jordan and just enjoy footage of the real thing. Thanks Josh!