Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here's another one

Alright, this was on there too. Number six is my favorite, but the one in which he posterizes Rasheed Wallace is pretty unbelievable too. And number one is definitely incredible.

Try this if the video doesn't load.

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Ek said...

Thanks for the dedication (although those definitely were not Jordan's ten greatest plays). I think #5 and #2 were my favorite - the move to get open in #2 actually impressed me more than the shot; it's easy to forget how quick young MJ was since that wasn't really the strength of his game (especially later). And am I the only who noticed that #7 was actually a terrible decision?

I'm also fairly convinced that if Lebron had attempted dunking on people like that in the 90s, he would have had a five-year career because good teams would have taken issue and started body-slamming/undercutting him, since they would only have to worry about a flagrant foul and not a twenty-five game suspension. #6 was sweet, though. And did I spot Tim Donaghy calling the block on #4?