Saturday, December 02, 2006

Two videos and some audio

The Blazers lost a heartbreaker last night. I have a ton of work to do. My fantasy teams--all four of them--are floundering at the moment. What better way to get happy than by posting two videos and an audio clip. Well, except that one of the video clips is one of the worst sports moments of my life. I had never seen the downfall of the Blazers, because that was the day of my high school graduation. But thanks to YouTube, I now know what triggered our 21st century mediocrity. Sorry, mediocrity is too generous, but you get the point. This team was so loaded. Here's the starting lineup: PG Damon Stoudamire, SG Steve Smith, SF Scottie Pippen, PF Rasheed Wallace, and C Arvydas Sabonis. The second unit is here: PG Greg Anthony, SG Bonzi Wells, SF Detlef Schrempf, PF Brian Grant, and C Jermaine O'Neal. We also had Stacey Augmen contributing as the 11th guy. Sure, most of those players were either past their prime or not quite there, but come on! Ugh. We've got to exorcise those demons. Here it is, thanks to TrueHoop for putting it up first.

Alright, the second video was shared by my friend Bob on Facebook. It's a really good stop-motion short film. After the Blazers collapse, this brings me some happiness.

And lastly, here is a radio message that Jim Wallis gave a few days ago. As someone who cares about politics, what he says gets me excited for the impact Christians could have in the next few years. Even if you don't care about politics you should give it a listen. It's not very long.

There you have it, some media to make you feel like I feel right now. Hopefully, if getting paperwork done hasn't taken all of the feeling out of me.


Lew said...

Thanks for posting those things. I really enjoyed them. By the way, our fantasy game is still way to close to call, so don't count yourself out yet. We are very evenly matched, and I think the final score will eventually reflect that.

Josh Johnson said...

the film is far too depressing. I didn't need to see the lakers beat portland after a 15 deficit in game 7 again. It made me bawl about as hard as I did last night when the Blazers took their first and only lead against Orlando with 1:04 remaining in the game, and then blew it with 1.2 seconds remaining on the clock to a literally single second alley-oop from the throw in. Who left Grant Hill wide open in the middle of the court anyway? The dunk only added insult to injury. I've never heard a crowd go so quiet so quickly.