Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Too many good things

I should be in bed right now, but instead I'm going to at least start this post. My final week of the term is shaping up nicely. I have a few things to do during the day on Wednesday, but they're not too big and then I'm done. So that's nice. I'm leave Saturday to spend a week with my brother in Los Angeles, so that's nice. The Blazers are getting everyone back healthy, so that's nice. And best of all, they won the game tonight in Detroit, which is awesome. They now have half as many road victories as they had all of last year.

Because people are coming back, I started kicking around some line-up ideas. Here they are, with aprropriate titles.

Starting Unit

PG-Jarrett Jack
SG-Brandon R-O-Y
SF-Ime Udoka
PF-Zach Randolph
C-Joel Przybilla

2nd Unit

PG-Sergio Rodriguez
SG-Martell Webster or Juan Dixon
SF-Travis Outlaw or Martell Webster
PF-LaMarcus Aldridge
C-Jamaal Magloire

Big Unit

PG-Brandon R-O-Y or Jarrett Jack
SG-Martell Webster or Brandon R-O-Y
SF-Travis Outlaw
PF-Jamaal Magloire or Zach Randolph
C-Joel Przybilla or Raef LaFrentz

Running (small)Unit
PG-Sergio Rodriguez
SG-Jarrett Jack or Juan Dixon
SF-Brandon R-O-Y
PF-Travis Outlaw
C-LaMarcus Aldridge or Joel Przybilla

Shooting Unit

PG-Brandon R-O-Y or Jarrett Jack
SG-Juan Dixon
SF-Martell Webster or Brandon R-O-Y
PF-Zach Randolph
C-Raef LaFrentz

Defensive Unit

PG-Brandon R-O-Y
SG-Ime Udoka
SF-Travis Outlaw
PF-Raef LaFrentz or LaMarcus Aldridge
C-Joel Przybilla

This leaves a few players out of the rotation completely, namely Dan Dickau and Steven Graham. Perhaps Dickau could be included on the shooting unit, and maybe Graham could be on the defensive unit. But this would still use a ton of players, even without those two. Some depends on how units work together, who is hot, who stays healthy, and if some players meet their potential. After the win tonight, it's anybody's guess how things will look in the next few weeks. I hope this team can get healthy and stay that way.

Here are three Brandon R-O-Y clips to get you as excited as I am about his return to the line-up.

The first one is an interview he gave recently about his status. Good news, basically.

This second one is a little montage from the summer league in Vegas, when he tore people to shreds. It starts getting me excited for his return.

The last one is long, and includes the end to the seasn opening win in Seattle. If you don't care, skip ahead to the end, when Mike Barrett interviews R-O-Y and then they show highlights from his first NBA game. I cannot wait until he's back.

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