Saturday, September 25, 2004

wedding #5

i just got back from attending my fifth wedding since graduation. how surreal to see a friend from high school, one who thinks like me in some ways (of course, not as much in others) get married. i guess it was cool, too, just weird. and odd. and a bunch of other synonyms i'm not thinking of right now.

in other news, it seems that i haven't updated my blog in a while, and that i haven't written anything of any substance for even longer, so for that i apologize. since coming home my bible reading and hauerwas reading have both gone down hill a bit, but are still doing okay. i sang really well today at the wedding. i'm going to be quite honest and what i view as cocky/humble and say that i rocked. you see, the thing about being a good singer, in my opinion, is that it is mainly something you're born with. at least that's the case for me. so when people tell me i have a good voice, all i can do is agree and say i'm thankful that's the one i got. really, i didn't do anything to be born with a good singing voice or an ear that can hear tunes instead of not. so i blatantly say that today i sounded awesome. but i blatantly insist that very little of that has to do with me, and most has to do with the certain gifts God happened to bestow upon me at birth. sure there's been some music theory and some practice, but come on, those things aren't what make the average listener think i sound good. all that to say i was very pleased with how my song turned out at the wedding.

one more not: brian o'neil is the man. that kid crawled all over the front of the stage filming during his sister's wedding. as patrick, brian's older brother said, he has "balls of steel." pretty good for a 14 year old. and with that, i will soon go watch bottle rocket.

wait, one last important thing to mention: i'm stoked that the rhs girls pulled off the win today, and i think it's great that val scored. very cool. the end.

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