Wednesday, September 01, 2004

the grand circle

three hundred sixty degrees is a long way to travel. fortunately, i did it over the course of three weeks or so, make the journey less arduous. i am no longer a consumer whore, at least not the kind who's willing to go into even greater debt and escalate his monthly insurance payments. no, i am once again quite content to keep the grand prix. after dropping a bit of money today to fix it's air conditioning, i plan on this thing seeing me through grad school.

it's funny, my thinking has changed a lot in the last four years, so that now i care a lot more about money going to the poor. while i don't think that it's inherently sinful for me to have a new car, i do think that there are so many better ways to spend my money, even if that means not spending the money right yet. it's hard to explain exactly this whole thought process, but i am quite glad that i no longer have the intention of going into new debt to get a car. i think that's all i really wanted to say. it's nice to feel like myself again.

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