Friday, September 10, 2004

more about my awesome car

it turns out that there is no power getting to my relay/fuse box under the hood. on top of that, even if there were, the motor for the engine fan doesn't work. so it seems i'll be needing to drop some dough in the next few days. hopefully it gets fixed in time for when i was planning on going to phoenix, because i really can't go if my car isn't working yet.

i applied for a job last night (did i already post about this...i don't remember) and i think it could be cool. it's at the boys and girls club of huntington valley. i would be the athletic director, organizing an indoor soccer league and a basketball league for something like 1500 kids. yeah, that's a lot of kids. hopefully my resume looks good, it seems that my experience working in residence life and leading the junior high ministry would be pluses.

i've been reading job and hauerwas. it's really funny, because hauerwas's point most of the time has to do with morality and ethics being a practice of the church. he suggests that the church as a body should be growing individuals of virtuous character, and that this is not so they will "be good" or "make society better" but because these things are tied up in our worship of and service to God. right, i said there was something funny. in job, his friends accuse him of doing something wrong. it's funny because they didn't even live in the same community as him. for hauerwas, it would have been better for him to have friends there who were not as wise but who lived WITH him and were striving WITH him toward righteousness. by the way, job is amazing to read, especiall in the message, but God's word is God's word no matter what translation. wow that sounded like cheezy evangelical subculture rhetoric...something i haven't used while meaning it in a long time. feels kind of good...and kind of like i'm selling out. but i'm not. so we're cool. yes, i'm awesome.

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