Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm changing the name and description

For a long time I was pretending that I would do philosophy on this blog. And every once in a while I did. But much more often I write about sports or books. I don't really feel bad about that, but since that's the case I need to change the description at the top of the page. How untrue that is. And now for some Blazer news, in terms of honorary awards:

Darius Miles: the Allan Houston memorial trophy

Except that Houston was a great shooter. And I'm stealing this comparison from someone else. I was so excited for what this guy could do on the court, and now his career is most likely over. As has been said many times by other more respected and more prolific Blazer bloggers, if Miles doesn't have his explosiveness he probably isn't an NBA player.

Martell Webster: the Derek Anderson memorial trophy

I hope the only part of this that comes true is the utter domination part, but Webster's back has me a little scared. This wouldn't be the same as Miles' injury, but if Webster is limited to only being a shooter then he loses a ton of value.

Jamaal Magloire: the Kevin Duckworth memorial trophy

The problem with this award is that Duckworth was a key member of a few Blazer teams before he stopped caring and became part of the Rasheed Wallace trade. (Which sent him and Strickland to Washington for 'Sheed and Harvey Grant...Harvey Grant was more important to Portland the first two years, and then 'Sheed exploded. Take that how you will.) But it's still ridiculous how much Magloire doesn't seem to care about turning the ball over 8.3 times per 48 minutes in the preseason. I know it's only the preseason, but COME ON. Wow.

Zach Randolph: the Charles Barkley memorial trophy

"I am not a role model." I know Zach didn't say that, but maybe he should. Also, he's undersized like Sir Charles, abuses other PFs down low like Sir Charles, has a ridiculous nose for the ball like Sir Charles, and did I mention that he's not a role model? One of the biggest differences right now is that Zach lost a lot of weight this summer to make him even better. (And I'm still a little concerned about his comeback from the microfracture surgery, but I think he could be the poster boy for solid recovery.)

Ime Udoka: the Jerome Kersey memorial trophy

I know it's early, but he's already earning this by being the type of guy the Blazers have missed at small forward since Kersey last wore a Blazer jersey. He works hard, plays smart, and doesn't beat up his wife or babysitter. We'll see if he ends the season with Portland, but for now, I think this is a justified award.

Lastly, Brandon Roy: the Clyde Drexler memorial trophy.

We'll see if he lives up to the hype, but right now he's the best loved athlete in Portland since we shipped the Glide off to Houston. I don't have anything else to say, except that I can't wait for the Brandon Roy/Greg Oden era.

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