Wednesday, January 05, 2005

the return

so i'm back in phoenix. i stayed monday night with michael o'neil in palo alto, which was awesome. then tuesday i made the trek south and east. the grapevine was closed because of snow, so i went through bakersfield and some mountains to catch up with I-10 in san bernardino. at that point my left rear tire blew out. i didn't know exactly what to do, and had never had a flat before, so i wasn't too sure that was what was happening. but it was. and then i pulled off the freeway with a flat, because it was raining really hard and there was an exit right there. the exit i pulled off had a tire store right there, so i was able to get a used one to replace mine for $21. it really didn't end up being too bad. today i didn't work, and i'm not tomorrow either, as i need to finish all of my grad school stuff asap. but friday i was requested for a music teacher i've subbed for before, and today i was requested for a long-term sub job starting two weeks from yesterday. it will last five weeks, and i'll be teaching first graders. get excited.

as for my pathetic showing over the break: meh. i can't say much more than that, i don't think. i need to work on this grad school stuff, so i shouldn't even be writing this now, but when that's over i'm ready to begin writing again. i have some new things bouncing around in my head that need to be put down somewhere, and the intellectual abyss of cyberspace is my dumping ground of choice.


Jacob said...

Between school, being sick, and reading, I haven't written anything at all lately, much less anything of consequence. Oh well ... it's all more acceptable when you're reading good stuff: go get The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Old school sci-fi rocks.

Nice to hear you made it safely. I'll email lyrics this very second.

Anonymous said...

I second Jacob in that old school sci-fi rocks, and that it is nice to hear that you made it down safely and with only a couple... or maybe just one, mis-hap.

I really don't read old school sci-fi, but i bet it rocks.

Krispin Mayfield said...

Well, 'Animorphs' is about as sci-fi as I ever got. And that was in 5th and 6th grade. I was just about to list off all that I've read lately and then decided I'd get the same readers, and it may even be more appropriate to just use my own webspace.

Glad to hear about your trip - I mean, that you didn't get a flat until you were 23 - I won't worry about it for a while.

I am very excited to read your upcoming writing. It may also be known that your first installment was read aloud at the Mayfield dinner table, as we were readying our stomaches for dessert - along with a family friend named Carry (I mean, she was with us, not that we were readying our stomaches for her). She had been a writing major, and informed us of a fairly recent genre: 'Creative Non-fiction.' Pretty much telling the story, except making up details you can't remember. Or blatantly lying. Sounded fun, and kind of reminded me of those times of Creative Non-fiction stories from 8th grade, telling my mom what time I had gotten home the night before.

Glad you're back safe and sound, but maybe not so glad you're back as opposed to being within possible driving distance. Then again, somehow I wish some people in China would've been more glad I was back to life, I mean the States. Real life. So if it's real life you're back to, I'm glad for your sake that you're back.