Friday, January 07, 2005

at school

so i'm at school right now. one of my first graders is sitting in the classroom eating lunch, the rest are outside on recess. i must say that it's really weird to think that i'm not leaving things for the everyday teacher to fix, rather, i'm leaving things for me to deal with on monday. that's crazy. i just thought it'd be great to update from work/school.

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Anonymous said...

Your myspace heroes are bad. But I love you anyway. dignan reunion tomorrow! Just kidding. But if you decide to grad school it in LA, you can join me and Jamie for a bad-ass pop-punk trio like you've always wanted. And we can live together. With Kim and Kiefer - Kiefer thinks we should all live together, and Jamie and I second the motion. Let me know what you think, and if Luke's in or not. LA is nice this time of year... as well as most times. Think about it. -- Eric