Tuesday, July 27, 2004


most of you probably expect that this post is related to the movie bottle rocket, since andrew wilson (luke and owen's older brother) plays a character by that name in the movie. in actuality, this post is related to the show i went to tonight in the park, for free. you see, the drummer, who actually mainly played a synth drumitar, was named futureman. more importantly, his brother, the bass player, is named victor wooten. that's right, bela fleck and the flecktones rocked roseburg tonight for free. it was a great show, and reminded me again that i absolutely love music. it was a very good time, and victor did things that are nearly unbelievable, nay, they ARE unbelievable. i didn't have much more to post about tonight, just thought i should float it out into cyberspace that i got to see these guys tonight. i may start a countdown of days until i had better know what the hell i'm doing next year, but not yet...there's too much time still.

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