Sunday, July 25, 2004

a few links

just thought i'd put some cool links up every once in a while, cool stuff online really:

this is a great page. i repeat, great page.

this is a really cool site that has powerpoint slides and audio from a conference at wheaton that was pretty sweet. click on john walton's picture to hear some things about genesis from a guy who knows his stuff...he wrote the NIV application commentary on genesis, so there's some credibility if you needed it.

one of my favorite places on the internet, a great writer who has clever and insightful things to say about sports, culture, and whatever else he writes about.

this is an awesome website related to a very cool magazine. they have links to news stories, reviews of all sorts of things, devotional thoughts, and challenges that are worth reading. i start most mornings at work by checking this site out to see what really is "relevant." (cheesy i know, but true)

most people have probably seen this by now, but it's still worth hearing about in case you haven't. hilarious stuff on this site. i mean really funny. go there, now. i'm not joking. now.

if you are still reading i'm disappointed, you should be at homestarrunner. oh well, more links to come...

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Rock on.