Friday, October 31, 2008

Blazers/Spurs (second quarter)

I love Pop. That interview with him was classic.

This second unit is so much fun to watch on the offensive end. Rudy and Sergio are great together.

They just showed a replay of Batum's block of Duncan. This kid is brilliant.


Batum just got compared to Tayshaun Prince by Jon Barry. I've been saying it since the beginning of training camp.

Przybilla just got some love from the announcers, which is nice. He deserves it.

A miss by Batum, but it was a good jumper in the flow of the offense. Now that I'm actually getting to see him I like him as much as I thought I would.

Przybilla just earned a foul with good position, so I won't complain any more about what seems like one sided officiating.

Sergio just missed a three, but Rudy corralled the long offensive board. Sadly, LaMarcus missed another mid-range jumper. It'll come, but he's been missing a lot of them again tonight.

BATUM!!! (He picked up a loose ball, beat two Spur defenders, and then made the and-1 as he got fouled on the lay-in. Then he hit the free throw. Ridiculous.)

"This Batum guy is impressive." --a text I just received from J-Lew. I agree Lew, I agree completely.

It's good to see Aldridge getting to the line and hitting.

The only thing the announcers failed to mention when talking about why Travis Outlaw has improved so much statistically is that he's the Gatling gun. 1000 shots per minute.

Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge are so great.

A funny disparity between the Blazers tonight and the Blazers on Tuesday is how young we looked in LA and how mature we look tonight. This is the way we need to look if we're going to have a successful year.

If we keep playing zone, we need to make sure we don't get beaten when they swing the ball around. We just got beaten again by a wide open three point shooter for San Antonio.

Brandon Roy is my favorite Blazer ever.

(Okay, Sabonis is still number one. But that shot, the composure, the defense he displayed earlier...all those things are the reasons he is ahead of Clyde and Rasheed on the all-time list.)

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