Friday, October 31, 2008

Blazers/Spurs (first quarter)

I broke into some friends' house to watch the Blazers game tonight. Here are some thoughts while getting to see the game.

It looks like we decided to force the ball inside to Aldridge, something we should have done better in Los Angeles Tuesday night.

We look a lot more settled in this game than we did on opening night. Hopefully it was just the nerves. I wondered if it might have had to do with Oden and the pressure that comes with the hype, but I think it's more likely that the team is just more calm at home after working the kinks out in that big-time opener.

Speaking of being more comfortable, it looks like Frye is hitting his shot again.

Brandon Roy is so good.

They have been calling all sorts of off-ball fouls on Portland. Boo.

I LOVE Nicolas Batum. He just had a sweet offensive rebound and then got an assist on an Aldridge dunk.


Sergio just drilled a three pointer. Beautiful.

Nearly the whole second unit is in, with Aldridge being the only starter still in the game.

The refs called another terrible foul against Portland. Boo.

Never mind. After watching it again, I have no idea if it was a good call or not. I won't whine just because it's against my team.

Rudy missed an open three to end the corner off several nice passes to swing the ball around really quickly.

Down 22-21 at the end of the first, but I really like what I saw.

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