Sunday, August 27, 2006

My dreads (a tribute)

Well, I'm not really giving the tribute yet, because they're not gone yet. But they will be, and maybe before this day is over. I'm tired of trying to take care of them, and I think it'd be good to make a positive impression tomorrow at Willamette High School with the other teachers. So I may sell out and join the establishment.

(The inner turmoil is pretty terrible. I actually feel a little sick to my stomach right now, because I don't want to cut my hair, but I also think it could be really good for my next three months to start off really well tomorrow. Aargh.)


t-vis said...

i would trade you my hair for yours. for one reason or another, i would really like dreds right now.

Shane said...


it is a shame to see such beautiful hair go.