Saturday, March 13, 2010

More evidence that Nicolas Batum is the best

I've mentioned before that my brother and I disagree as to who has more value, Batum or Fernandez. We haven't talked about it much this season, so maybe Stephen is starting to figure out that it is clearly Batum. If not, he might feel that way after watching this video. One of the things I like best about this is that in almost every block he's either tapping it out front to a teammate or smacking it off the backboard so that a teammate can grab the rebound and turn around with the ball. I think on one of them the other team gets the offensive board and makes a put back. But his teammates already know that if they take off with him they can get the ball back, and the players that don't know yet are certainly learning quickly. I love it.

Thanks to Casey Holdahl for putting this up.

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Luke said...

thanks for posting this. agreed: Batum is better.

also: this might be the first of your posts here where I was actually understanding what was going on...