Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hilarious stuff from BDL, as usual

When I started listening to the Basketball Jones last summer I became a big fan of Tas and Skeets both. So I was really glad when Skeets jumped on board at Yahoo!. Here are some quotes from a live blog this morning. I know he says they were cut, which means they were from readers, but his choices are still great. And really funny. Really really funny.
• 92-69? That's it? What is that, eight, nine points? We should be beating teams like Greece by 80 or 90 points. We should be winning games 150-6! And those six points should only happen because we're shooting on our own net in the first half to get used to the rims.

• Redeem Team? Ha. Try Pipe Dream Team! Why isn't this team winning games by more points? Did you see what the score was after 1 second — 0-0. Zero points! We were tied with Greece after one second of play. That won't cut it versus the Spaniards!

• What a bunch of showboats. This team makes me sick. You should never dunk the ball if you're beating your opponent. Never! In fact, as soon the USA takes a lead we should be subbing out a guy and play short-handed. Coach K has no idea what he's doing out there.

• (Following a 14-foot USA jump shot): Is this is a joke? We're supposed to be the GREATEST TEAM IN THE WORLD and we can't dunk the ball from 14 feet? Pathetic. Brent Barry would have dunked that. Where is Brent Barry? Why will no one answer me?

• John Stockton's feathery hair could win gold by itself!!! Fact!!

• Did you see that Bryant alley-oop? BOR-ING!!! Kobe shold have grabbed it, wrapped it around his back, went through his legs, cleaned the backboard, snatched that rogue red balloon for the little Chinese girl, kissed a helicopter, smiled a little more, and then dunked it.


• Greece cut it to 16 during the second half and trailed by just 20 at the end of three quarters. If that doesn't tell you something about the fragile psyche of this USA Team then I don't know. We're doomed.
Just fantastic stuff.

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