Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A disgusting habit

I thought of this a while back, but my current circumstance reminded me. I'm considering a smoking habit. To say it better: I'm thinking about developing a smoking habit. I don't mean one of those three-packs-a-day addictions, but something more along the lines of once a month or so. And I'd rotate. This month I'd sit down some evening with a nice cigar and burn away the stress that's been building. Then, in a month, I'd have a couple nice cigarettes. The month after that I would stuff one month's worth of worries in my pipe and smoke it – along with some fine tobacco. No one in my family liked this idea very much when I told them.

My present circumstance made me remember this because I'm sitting outside It's a Grind, reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and partaking first-hand in my current vice – coffee – and second hand in this proposed new vice – tobacco. I'm enjoying the combination immensely.

I put this video up instead of a picture of It's a Grind. The 33 second mark is the part that has to do with the post, but sometimes I feel like I'm part of the whole thing, just from being in California.

Oh, and if there are people who read this because they want to read about sports, which had been my main topic for a long time: my apologies. Maybe I'll write about the Jim Zorn departure from Seattle soon, or spring training for the Braves, but since the Blazers have been down it's hard for me to write about them, and they're my favorite sports subject.


Luke said...

mmmm, smokey things.

I don't have cigars in my rotation, but I enjoy the other two quite a lot from time to time.

Lewis said...

I enjoy a good cigar and smoking a pipe occasionally, but I can't say that I have ever had the desire for a cigarette.

Smoking helps with both boredom and stress, so it seems like you meet the qualifications to "light one up" occasionally.

Ek said...

I'm not a big fan of smoking, but I doubt once a month would do any harm. And that explains why I haven't written anything on the VT for a long time or anything about sports for even longer; it's just no fun to write anything about the Bears, Sox, OR Bulls right now.