Thursday, May 18, 2006

From Phoenix, with hate

Okay, the hate isn't for you--and by you, I mean anyone who for unimaginable reasons still checks my blog, there's nothing but love for you--it's for Phoenix. I have less than three weeks left here and I'm quite ready to get out. Not that I haven't had a good time. And not that I haven't gotten some work. Those were my two reasons for coming back down for this month-plus, and both have been accomplished. But I am very excited to get back to the pacific northwest. Nearly everything for Oregon is lined up, I just need to send a few things back to them and then make sure I get housing. I'm pretty excited about that too, I think. By Jonathan Lewis' request I plan on writing a state of the Blazers blog in the near future. I may do the same for the Seahawks, and even a mid-season state of the Braves. In fact, I could just turn this into a sports blog. I might write more.

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Lew said...

Thank you Carlton. I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the Blazers (and pretty much anything). I just haven't been able to get the Trailblazers out of my mind since the documentary "Through The Fire" (which I know we had already discussed a little), so I'm interested to see the direction that you think they are taking this offseason.