Friday, September 30, 2005

another change in location

it's been a really long time since i've posted. i started school this week. i'm quite excited about all three of my classes, and expect to get a ton from them. there may be a bit more excitement for my class "theology, pop culture and the emerging church," which i wasn't even that excited about to begin with. the professor used to tour with AC/DC, among others. at the moment i'm sitting in stephen's dorm room. i've been living here since i got back from phoenix. this certainly isn't the ideal situation for many reasons, but it will suffice until i have a job, at which i will hopefully be able to find a cheapish room somewhere. on the job front: i had an interview with 24hour fitness the other day, and it seems likely that i'll be working there very soon. in other news: i'm headed to chicago october 20-23 for a wedding. i can't wait to get out there and see jacob and the rest of my long-time wheaton friends, especially the dignan boys. oh yeah, the wedding should be good too. and perhaps another dignan reunion show? i'm only imagining it right now. so far i'm not too impressed with seminarians of the female persuasion. actually, i haven't been drawn to many of the seminarians at all. there are a few guys i've clicked with already that should become friends to some degree, but with me living down here that degree might be small. i think that's about all. i've been to the beach once, at night, so i may venture out there today to cool off. it's been so hot here the last few days. pretty ridiculous.

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Holy shit.