Thursday, May 05, 2005

flying to dallas

right now i'm trying to decide if i drop almost four hundred dollars for the combination of flying to dallas for alec's wedding and then flying to seattle the next day for dan's. i have the money, and it's not going to get any cheaper, but it feels like it's so expensive. no, i need to do it. as soon as i call my parents and see if they want to get a fun seattle trip out of it. yep, that's what i'm doing.

i've been sick again for the last few days. it feels like the bronchitis came back, but i can't be too sure. i will say that i've been getting better as today has gone on. but being sick doesn't make school go by any better, rather it makes me yearn even more for the time (less than a month, now!) when i'll be done teaching and back in roseburg doing whatever it is i can find to do. and then only a few short months and i'm back in school. that makes me quite happy. i think that's all.

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